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We are Generation Space. We are Seraphim.

The world’s greatest problems propel everything we do. Seraphim is the global leader in SpaceTech investment. We endlessly explore the ecosystem to discover and invest in the brightest minds and smartest ideas which will provide trailblazing, high-value solutions that disrupt, transform and improve life as we know it.

Accelerating humanity’s next giant leap by transforming science fiction into science fact.

We are Your Mission Control

For visionary space entrepreneurs providing them the backing to achieve escape velocity

Across the Seraphim Space investment funds, Seraphim Space Accelerator and Seraphim Space Investment Platform we are the first organisation to support space entrepreneurship from inception to exit. We are the industry leaders. Wherever you are in your journey we provide the capital, expertise, and global partners to realise the boldest visions.

Constellations supported


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$250k- $25m

Ventures scaled to billions by our team


SpaceTech Startups supported


Why Invest in Space

Why Seraphim

Our Portfolio of Pioneers Making

Science fiction science fact

Our entrepreneurs are charting a course to a better future on Earth

Harnessing the infinite possibilities of Space and transforming those possibilities into game changing companies. Our companies are at the frontier of tomorrow helping to solve the Earth’s most pressing problems.

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