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Space Camp is the leading VC led accelerator with a focus on space tech, bringing in-depth industry expertise to get Seed and Pre-Series A SpaceTech companies “investment ready” while facilitating relationships with some of the World’s leading Space Corporates and Agencies. Our accelerator is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of specialist startups operating in the space sector. We bring all the key stakeholders in SpaceTech ecosystem together to genuinely accelerate startups.

Seraphim Space Camp is the trading name of Seraphim Space Camp Limited


Founded in April 2018, Seraphim Space Camp is 10-week accelerator programme disrupting the early-stage SpaceTech sector with a comprehensive, tailor-made programme for new, pioneering technologies. To date we have supported 35 companies who have raised over $55M in total funding. The corporate and agency partners have grown to 20 including: Airbus, Dentons, SES, BAE, MOD, Teledyne, Telespazio, SSTL, Inmarsat, European Space Agency and UK Space Agency. We are also lucky to count some of the leading SpaceTech entrepreneurs as mentors; those who’ve built startups to billion dollar valuations and billions of users.


Seraphim Space Camp brings together all aspects of the ecosystem; investors, corporates and agencies – enabling true acceleration. With 300 hours focused on investment readiness and 200 hours of corporate engagement per programme, Space Camp provides the network and tools needed for a startup to successfully scale-up to Series A and beyond. We’ve also engaged the royalty of SpaceTech entrepreneurs, the founders of some of the most game changing success stories to learn from and be inspired by.

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If you would like to learn more about Seraphim Space Camp then please drop us an email at If you are a startup interested in joining the programme then all you have to do is send over a copy of your most recent pitch deck for us to review and we will get  back to you.