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Space Camp is the leading VC led accelerator with a focus on space tech, bringing in-depth industry expertise to get Seed and Pre-Series A SpaceTech companies “investment ready” while facilitating relationships with some of the World’s leading Space Corporates and Agencies. Our accelerator is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of specialist startups operating in the space sector. We bring all the key stakeholders in SpaceTech ecosystem together to genuinely accelerate startups.

Seraphim Space Camp is the trading name of Seraphim Space Camp Limited

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What we offer

SpaceTech Specialists

SpaceTech startups are like no other. We launched because there was no other programme dedicated to startups in the SpaceTech domain. Our world-leading sector-specific corporates provide our startups with specialist mentorship, and our keynotes are some of the most successful SpaceTech entrepreneurs.


We run our programme with a VC mindset. Over 300 hours of Seraphim Space Camp focuses on investment readiness – preparing our founders to build relationships with investors, raise investment, and prepare for the rigorous Series A investment process as a whole. This VC-led approach differentiates what we do here at Seraphim Space Camp and has led to such fantastic results for our startups.

Connect & Collaborate

Our startups get to build and hone relationships with our global network of key decision-makers of the world’s leading businesses driving innovation and economic change in SpaceTech, validating their opportunities and accelerating their businesses. Our corporate partners collectively bring 230 hours of their time to our programme – there is no better place to build the relationships a SpaceTech startup needs than at Seraphim Space Camp.

Strong Alumni Community

Our Alumni network is growing and growing! Once you join our ecosystem, we will support you at each stage of your journey all the way through to exit. We actively get our alumni participating in the programme both as mentors and to provide them with the opportunity to maintain fresh access to the Space Camp programme network. At every step, we have the expertise to support our startups to succeed.

Tangible acceleration

Seraphim Space Camp is an intense accelerator programme with 40 workshops and pitch training sessions to provide a foundation for growth, with 288 1-1 sessions per company with leading experts for tailored advice and 10 leading entrepreneurs in the New Space sector providing insights and advice based on their experiences. The successes of our 42 alumni going on to raise over $50M in investment and creating hundreds of job opportunities is testament to how this combination of activity at Seraphim Space Camp gives the startups we work with the tools they need to scale at speed.

International Exposure

Space is Global – the world may be in lockdown but we have seen greater global collaboration than ever before in the SpaceTech sector. Our startups, corporates and mentors are international. Our final showcase audiences dial-in from over 25 countries worldwide, giving any startup that joins us access to a genuinely Global platform for unprecedented exposure.

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4pi Lab

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Starfish Space


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Lift Me OffAnisoprint

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