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Quarterly review of global private SpaceTech Investment

Seraphim Space Index

Seraphim is the world’s leading specialist investor in SpaceTech. Since 2017, we have been producing the Seraphim Space Index report, which allows us to share our unique access to knowledge and data about investing in space technology. This data is now available in an easy-to-use interactive format, allowing you to look back and track growth and trends from 2017 to today. We are looking to help other investors gain a deeper understanding of the new space economy and share our excitement for the multi-decade transformational potential of SpaceTech.

We use a wide range of different data sources to compile our investment tracker. This includes proprietary, off-market information from our deal flow, network, deal databases such as Crunchbase, industry news sources such as Spacenews and TechCrunch, and public announcements from companies. We only include third-party capital invested on an arm’s length basis and, therefore, do not include personal investments.


quarterly index highlights

Invested in TTM to Q2 2024 ($6.6bn in 2023)


Invested in Q2 '24 ($2.4bn in Q1 '24)


Seraphim Investment Index (281 in Q1 '24)


Seraphim #Deals Index Q2 24 (320 in Q1 '24)


Biggest deal closed in Q2 - Space Pioneer


Average deal size in Q2 ($22.6m in Q1 '24)


Median deal size in Q2 ($4.4m in Q1 '24)


M&A transactions in 2023 (22 in 2022)


Sector key


  • Building & selling satellites, autonomous systems
  • Components, sub-systems, complete systems
  • Hardware (sensors), software (i.e. control system), hybrid (i.e. machine vision)


  • Building & launching rockets
  • Launch-related services


  • Any data collection / space platform (i.e. smallsat, HAPs)
  • Multi-modal: look, listen, communicate


  • Facilitate transmission of data from space / aerial platform back down to earth
  • Satcoms & terrestrial comms networks
  • Data storage, processing, security


  • Analysis of data from space / aerial platforms
  • A.I / machine learning enabled analytics


  • Packaging of different data streams (space & non space)
  • Tailored to specific use cases in specific verticals
  • Location, monitoring, insight, mapping

Beyond Earth

  • In-Space infrastructure (i.e. Space stations)
  • In-Space services (i.e. Satellite refuelling, servicing and repair)
  • Utilising the microgravity environment for R&D and manufacturing

Index data since 2016