About us

Space has a unique role in addressing the world’s most pressing problems whilst creating a $trillion investment opportunity. Global challenges don’t just need global solutions, they need the rule breakers and the mavericks who are pushing the boundaries beyond earth.

Inception to Exit

We’re not just a Fund. Our interconnected model is to identify, support and grow early stage SpaceTech companies across the full life cycle. We are backed by leading Space corporates and international space agencies across our activities including investors in the Fund(s) Airbus, SES, Teledyne, Telespazio, SSTL and accelerator partnerships including Rolls Royce, Inmarsat, European Space Agency and UK Space Agency. We’ve supported over 50 SpaceTech companies across our Angels, Fund and Accelerator and generated significant Co-Investment opportunities for our LPs at Series B and beyond.

Seraphim Space Fund

Our Fund is focused around Series A investing from proof of concept to scale-up with an active Seed programme as part of the accelerator. Series A is typically the key point of inflection for us when there’s visibility of significant customer adoption and with a clear path to Space heritage.

Seraphim Space Camp

Our VC led accelerator is focused on Pre Seed and Seed. Challenging and supporting early stage companies to give them the perfect platform for Series A and beyond. Focused on Investment Readiness, Corporate validation and Inspiration. From proof of concept to benchtop and traction, SpaceCamp cultivates world changing space entrepreneurs.

Seraphim Angels

Our Angel international platform is focused on Pre Seed and Seed. The Angels are typically the first money in looking to support from concept to benchtop.

Seraphim Co-Investment

At Series B and beyond, companies are raising $30 to $100s millions in the SpaceTech sector to deploy their full constellations. This is where LP direct co-investment opportunities provide significant future capital. Our current LPs and strategic Investors play a critical role in bringing larger sources of capital and supporting best of breed businesses that are on a pathway to achieving $billion exits.