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Space has a unique role to play in addressing humanity's greatest challenges. All of our investments are measured against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are proud to have a portfolio of companies squarely addressing the key challenges facing the world today

Satellites monitor our planet constantly to help track climate change and its effects, such as rising sea levels, crop yields, wildfires, and atmospheric changes. They provide the most accurate weather reports and warn us of impending natural disasters. Satellites can connect every individual on the planet, delivering real time data analysis supporting global security, food security, climate change and sustainability.

Food security - sustainability driver

Food security

Climate - sustainability driver


Global security - sustainability driver

Global security

Sustainability - sustainability driver


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Climate Change

More urgently, space technology provides tangible data and resources to measure the climate crisis and mitigate its detrimental effects.

At Seraphim we are committed to investing in companies that are using technology to provide a sustainable future on earth and in space. The $Trillion growth opportunity that both space and the climate crisis provide, invites economic prosperity in a net zero future. Reaching net zero is seemingly impossible without space, utilising technology and data analysis from space reduces waste and enables regeneration, disrupting every industry on our planet.