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Seraphim Space Publishes Ecosystem Map – Detailing Top Funded Space Companies 

Written by: leah_seraphim

Seraphim Space has today published its global ecosystem map – detailing the most well-funded space companies across the globe. 

The map represents the most exciting and well-funded VC-funded SpaceTech startups, comprising over 300 companies from 30 different countries. 

The map looks at companies that are servicing the segments build, launch, collect, analyse and product markets and where Seraphim see innovation rolling and funding flowing for now and the year ahead.

Below details the top 10 funded space companies since 2017: 

1.         SpaceX – $8.1bn (since 2017 not total)

2.         OneWeb – $4.3bn (since 2017 not total)

3.         Sierra Space – $1.7bn

4.         Relativity Space – $1.3bn

5.         Axiom Space – $606m

6.         Astranis = $553m

7.         Firefly Aerospace – $480m

8.         Mapbox – $444m

9.         Virgin Galactic – $425m

10.       ABL Space Systems – $419m

The release looks at Seraphim’s view on the most progressive businesses across the SpaceTech ecosystem and helps understand which markets and countries are excelling in SpaceTech technology.  

Overall, the US remains the worldwide leader in developing the next generation of Space companies, hosting over half of the most well-funded space companies. 


Maureen Haverty, Principe Investor at Seraphim Space said: “The map aims to provide a breakdown of the leading companies and markets that are helping to propel development within the space sector. The results show the growing array of leading global companies that are raising significant amounts of capital to help build the space economy ecosystem.”