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Seraphim Space, the global leader in SpaceTech investment, announces first close on new early stage fund to support SpaceTech’s brightest stars

Written by: leah_seraphim

22 April 2024

Seraphim Space, the world’s leading SpaceTech-focused investment group, has announced close of its new venture fund, Seraphim Space Ventures II LP (“SSV II” or the “Fund”).

Seraphim Space has been a pioneering investor in SpaceTech over the last decade, having been founded to exploit the emerging trillion Dollar market opportunity being created through the advent of large constellations of low cost, miniaturised satellites that, for the first time, enable ubiquitous communication and the capturing of real time insights at planetary scale.

Having launched the world’s first venture fund focused on SpaceTech in 2016, Seraphim Space now also operates the world’s leading SpaceTech focused accelerator, the Seraphim Space Accelerator, as well as the world’s first listed SpaceTech growth fund, Seraphim Space Investment Trust PLC (“SSIT”).

Through this innovative model of supporting SpaceTech’s brightest stars from their inception through to helping them achieve escape velocity, Seraphim Space has gone on to establish itself as the most prolific SpaceTech investor globally, having supported more than 120 SpaceTech companies in 27 countries worldwide that collectively have raised more than $3 billion in funding. Notable investments include category leaders such as ICEYE, HawkEye 360, LeoLabs, D-Orbit, Spire Global (NYSE:SPIR), Voyager, AST SpaceMobile (NASDAQ:ASTS) and Tomorrow.io.

Building on a roster of historic corporate backers that include major players from the space sector such as Airbus, SES, Teledyne, Telespazio, Inmarsat and MDA, SSV II further strengthens Seraphim Space’s heavyweight industry backing with the addition of Eutelsat, NEC and SKY Perfect JSAT.

With the space sector now entering the next phase of its transformation, the Fund will focus on investing at Seed and Series A stages in the next generation of visionary entrepreneurs looking to transform science fiction into science fact. Key themes the Fund anticipates investing in include:

  • the application of artificial intelligence to the treasure trove of satellite data to unlock near real time insights about the world to help combat challenges posed by climate change and global security
  • the merging of terrestrial and space-based communications networks to enable ‘always on’ ubiquitous connectivity for both people and machines
  • utilising the unique microgravity environment of space to drive the next wave of scientific breakthrough in areas such as biotech and material science
  • the creation of space-based networks for on-orbit edge compute, internet/  communications and data relay to power the developing in-orbit economy

Following the same strategy to its original SpaceTech-focused venture fund that was a top performing fund for its vintage, SSV II is aiming to build a portfolio of c.30 companies. The Fund has already made nine investments aligned with some of these key themes via a warehouse portfolio. Some of these investments include:

  • Hubble – Internet of Things satellite constellation for connecting directly to billions of Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Delos – Space data powered wildfire home insurance provider
  • ATMOS – Space cargo return service for life sciences
  • Auriga – Novel electro-magnetic launch system

Mark Boggett, CEO and General Partner at Seraphim Space, says:

“We are delighted to announce that Seraphim Space Ventures II has achieved its first close and are excited to continue our quest for helping SpaceTech’s most pioneering entrepreneurs change the world for the better.

By focusing on investing globally and at an early stage, the new Fund will strengthen our ability to support SpaceTech’s brightest stars through every step of their journey. With our investment-readiness focused accelerator helping start-ups to reach the launch pad, the new Fund providing ignition for lift off, and our listed growth fund providing the fuel to achieve escape velocity, we have a unique offering to help our companies sky-rocket.”

James Bruegger, Chief Investment Officer and General Partner at Seraphim Space, says:

“Investors are increasingly recognising SpaceTech’s outlier potential with record numbers of VC investments being closed every quarter. This stands in stark contrast to the recent contraction in investment activity in the wider VC market.

With a ten-fold increase in the number of satellites in orbit anticipated over the coming decade and the cost for both launching to, and returning from, orbit continuing to fall, we believe that the impact of SpaceTech will reshape much of the world as we know it.

By helping to turn science fiction into science fact, the companies we are aiming to back with the new fund hold the promise of unlocking the future – and in the process themselves becoming planetary scale successes.”


About Seraphim Space

Seraphim Space Manager LLP, together with its US subsidiary, Generation Space LLC, and other affiliates (“Seraphim Space” or the “Manager”) is based in the UK and manages Seraphim Space Ventures II LP.

Seraphim Space is the world’s leading SpaceTech investment groups. The Manager’s team consists of seasoned venture capitalists and some of the space sector’s most successful entrepreneurs who scaled their businesses to multi-billion Dollar outcomes.

The Manager has supported more than 120 SpaceTech companies across its fund management and accelerator activities since 2016 and has a proven track record of delivering value.

Positioned at the heart of the global SpaceTech ecosystem, the Manager has a differentiated model, using information asymmetry generated from its global deal flow, partnerships with leading industry players and primary research to back the most notable emerging SpaceTech companies shaping a new industrial revolution.

The Investment Manager is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (“UN PRI”). Its first UN PRI report is due in 2024.

Further information is available at www.seraphim.vc.

About Seraphim Space Investment Trust plc

Seraphim Space Investment Trust plc (the “Company”) is the world’s first listed fund focused on SpaceTech. The Company seeks exposure predominantly to early and growth stage private financed SpaceTech businesses that have the potential to dominate globally and that are sector leaders with first mover advantages in areas such as climate, communications, mobility and cyber security.

The Company is listed on the Premium Segment of the London Stock Exchange and is managed by Seraphim Space Manager LLP.

Further information is available at: https://investors.seraphim.vc.

About Seraphim Space Accelerator

About Seraphim Space Accelerator Ltd

Seraphim Space Accelerator Ltd, an affiliate of Seraphim Space Manager LLP based in the UK, established the Seraphim Space Accelerator in 2018 and has developed it to become the world-leading VC-led accelerator with a focus on SpaceTech. The accelerator programme brings in-depth industry expertise to get Seed and Pre-Series A SpaceTech companies ‘investment ready’ while facilitating relationships with some of the world’s leading Space corporates and agencies.

Further information is available at www.seraphim.vc.