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Seraphim Space Camp launch Mission 9

Written by: leah_seraphim

Lift Off!

Seraphim Space Camp is excited to announce the startups taking part in Mission 9…

Seraphim Space Camp Accelerator is the world leading VC led accelerator with a focus on SpaceTech, bringing in-depth industry expertise to get Seed and Pre-Series A SpaceTech companies “investment ready” while facilitating relationships with some of the world’s leading Space Corporates and Agencies. We are proud to report that 93% of the alumni from previous cohorts have successfully raised over $150m in total funding. Our accelerator is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of specialist startups operating in the space sector; bringing key stakeholders from the SpaceTech ecosystem together to genuinely accelerate startups.

Mission 9’s cohort includes companies specialising in areas such as orbital tracking, space debris management, thermal management technology, emissions monitoring and Earth observation. We are thrilled to have a strong UK representation, proving the country’s growing influence in the sector as well as companies representing the USA, Germany & Norway. Many of these young companies have bold missions to use SpaceTech to help solve the world’s most pressing problems and we can’t wait to support them on their journey.

“The global space sector continues to evolve exponentially, as entire new industries develop and entrepreneurs seek to solve the most complex, emerging problems affecting our planet, using space-based technology” Space Camp CEO and Seraphim manging partner Rob Desborough.

The cohort members are: 

Ntention – User centred interaction systems for the next generation of spacesuits (Norway)
Lunasa Space – Orbital Transfer Vehicles for the SmallSat industry (UK)
ODIN – On-orbit tracking for mission critical space debris monitoring and asset preservation (UK)
Smart IR – Advanced graphene materials for the next generation of satellite thermal management (UK) 
AIRMO – Satellite constellation providing unique green-house gases (GHGs) emissions monitoring (Germany)
Cislunar Industries – Transforming space debris into a resource through in-space metal processing and recycling (US)
Deep Planet – Earth Observation analytics for sustainable, precision viticulture (UK)

Do you want to join generation space? Our Alumni network is growing and growing, keep an eye on our website and apply for mission 10.