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WC/ 31.07.23

Voyager Space and Airbus create commercial space station joint venture

Voyager Space is joining forces with Airbus Defence and Space on a joint venture for the development of the Starlab commercial space station.

Awais Ahmed on Pixxel's Rapid Rise and its Hyper-focus on Climate Data

Pixxel CEO Awais Ahmed talks about the company’s mission to impact the fight against climate change with its hyperspectral satellites.

UK Space Agency funding for technologies to monitor the Earth

Funding for satellite Earth Observation technologies, which are critical to improving humanity’s understanding of our planet and its climate, is now available.

10 Smallsat Startups to Watch in 2023

Via Satellite identifies 10 noteworthy smallsat startups in this annual list.

SpaceX launches Intelsat television relay station as part of fleet-wide refresh

SpaceX launched an Intelsat communications satellite early Thursday, part of a fleet-wide refresh under a Federal Communications Commission push to free up transmission space for 5G cellular networks.