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WC/ 29.01.24

Starship Will Launch Starlab’s Commercial Space Station

Starlab Space, a joint venture between Airbus and Voyager Space, chose SpaceX’s Starship to launch a commercial station that is designed to replace the retiring ISS as a LEO destination.

delivering breakthrough global precipitation quality: an inside look at Tomorrow.io’s innovative radar products

Tomorrow.io have pioneered unique software-defined radar (SDR) via our proprietary ARENA technologies, and our SDR-powered Pathfinder satellites have been collecting data from space since mid-2023 to better detect and forecast these high-impact events.

Predicting SpaceX’s 2024 Revenue

Ed. note: This is Payload Research analysis, authored by Mo Islam, Payload’s cofounder and Jack Kuhr, Payload’s Research Director. This is an educated best guess, not based on access to any SpaceX internal data or proprietary info

15 spacetech startups set to lift off, according to investors

Sifted asked five investors for their picks and explanations for why these companies stand out. The one catch — they couldn’t choose from their own portfolios.

Orbital Composites and Virtus Solis announce space-based solar power demonstration

Silicon Valley startup Orbital Composites and Michigan-based Virtus Solis Technologies announced plans Feb. 1 to conduct a 2027 space-based solar power demonstration.