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WC/ 27.11.23

SpaceX acquires parachute supplier

In a rare acquisition, SpaceX has purchased out of bankruptcy a company that provided components for Dragon spacecraft parachutes.

ursa major closes $138m series d

Rocket propulsion startup Ursa Major announced Nov. 30 it has raised $138 million in Series D and D-1 funding rounds.

Amini raises $4 million for Africa-focused environmental constellation

Amini has raised $4 million toward launching its first satellite in early 2025 to improve Africa-focused environmental information.

Euroconsult Values the Global EO Market at $4.6b

Euroconsult, a space consulting firm, predicts the global EO market will grow from $4.6B in 2022 to $7.6B over the next ten years, driven by tech advancements, premium product offerings, and public investment.

uk drone superhighway to complete by mid 2024

Altitude Angel is building a drone superhighway in the UK.