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WC/ 27.03.23

The size and health of the uk space sector

The recent publication of the latest Size & Health of the UK Space Industry Report by the UK Space Agency and know.space, indicates that the UK space industry grew by more than £1 billion, adding almost 1,800 jobs and 300 companies in a year despite the pandemic, outstripping the growth of the sector globally.

first 3D-printed rocket launches

Relativity’s first 3D-printed rocket launches successfully but fails to reach orbit

The satellite connectivity revolution: The race for global coverage in a new mobile phone industry

A convergence of new technology, regulatory changes, global partnerships, and new standards means that standard mobile phones will be able to communicate with satellites, improving satellite connectivity everywhere.

Why predicting the weather is so hard

Weather forecasting is a complicated task for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that begins with collecting billions of observations per day on metrics like temperature and wind speed.

SpaceX Alums Are Shaping the Startup Economy

Former SpaceX employees-turned-founders are benefitting from the startup ecosystem as they say that SpaceX gave them a high-risk tolerance — and a community.