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WC 24.07.23

UK bets on 11 key technologies to boost its space sector

The list starts with AI and nuclear power

Spire Global Awarded 16 Million ESA Contract

Spire will provide a system design and in-orbit technology demonstrator for a satellite constellation to monitor flights globally in real time, developing the most advanced independent civilian aviation surveillance system.

NASA Funds 11 Next-Gen Space Projects

NASA awarded 11 companies a combined $150M to support a next-gen lunar base camp and broader space exploration tech, the agency announced yesterday.

Space DOTS lands 1.2m pre-seed to test materials in orbit

London-based Space DOTS, which is creating modular devices to test materials in orbit, has landed $1.5m (£1.2m) in pre-seed funding.

How to better forecast the weather

Private companies—and AI—are transforming the weather business