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WC/ 24.04.23

ast spacemobile makes history in cellular connectivity

Groundbreaking milestone reached with support from partners including Vodafone, Rakuten and AT&T, opening opportunities for cellular broadband access globally

Spaceport Cornwall opens new satellite launch centre

Spaceport Cornwall has officially opened a new centre for businesses involved in satellite launch and development.

ispace moon landing, crash and learn

Japanese Lunar Landar company ispace attempted to soft-land the first commercially-funded spacecraft on the lunar surface, however it ended in failure, but there are lessons to be learned.

esa's first ever para-astronaut

John McFall is the European Space Agency's first ever para-astronaut, selected to study how feasible it is for someone with a physical disability to live and work in space. BBC News joined him on board a parabolic flight, where he experienced weightlessness for the first time.

Astroscale secure JPY 3Bn loan from Mizuho bank

This agreement will provide Astroscale with additional financial support for its current and future projects, accelerating the company’s business development efforts.