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WC/ 22.04.24

The Essential Role of Satellite in Combating Climate Change

In celebration of Earth Day 2024 this week, a collection of Via Satellite stories showing the power of satellite data.

Astroscale Unveils World’s First Image of Captured Space Debris

Astroscale Japan Inc, a market leader in satellite servicing and long-term orbital sustainability across all orbits, has unveiled the first publicly released image of space debris captured through rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO).

iceye and Juniper announce flood and wildfire data collaboration

ICEYE, a provider of satellite-powered disaster management solutions, has announced a multi-year flood and wildfire data collaboration with Juniper Re, the reinsurance broking arm and an indirect subsidiary of BRP Group, Inc.

Orbex raises $20.8 million Series C extension

Orbex, a company based in the United Kingdom developing a small launch vehicle, has raised $20.8 million to “ramp up” work on its long-delayed rocket.

south korea initiates eo constellation with neonsat-1 launch

South Korea took the initial steps toward building its domestic EO capability on Tuesday with the launch of NEONSAT-1, the first in a planned 11-sat constellation.