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WC/ 19.06.23

AST SpaceMobile Confirms 4G Capabilities to Everyday Smartphones Directly From Space

In another first-ever milestone, the BlueWalker 3 low Earth orbit satellite communicated with everyday smartphones reaching initial download speeds above 10 Mbps during Hawaii testing

Rocket Lab launches first suborbital version of Electron

Operating under a veil of secrecy pierced only by the ignition of the rocket’s engines, Rocket Lab launched the first suborbital variant of its Electron vehicle June 17.

SpaceX successfully launches world’s first “space factory”

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket deployed 72 small satellites for customers — including the world’s first space factory.

The German spacetech planning to fire stem cell 'organoids' into orbit

The €4m raised by ATMOS Space Cargo will help mini-organs be grown and tested on in a low-gravity environment

China attracts moon base partners, outlines project timelines

China says a number of countries have committed to join its International Lunar Research Station moon base initiative.