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WC/ 19.02.24

Intuitive Machines lands on the moon in historic first for a U.S. company

Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C cargo lander, named “Odysseus” after the mythological Greek hero, is the first U.S. spacecraft to soft land on the lunar surface since 1972.

Varda capsule lands in Utah

A Varda Space Industries capsule landed in the Utah desert Feb. 21 as part of the company’s efforts to demonstrate space manufacturing technologies.

astroscale Successfully Launches World’s first debris Inspection Spacecraft, adras-J

Astroscale, the market leader in satellite servicing and long-term orbital sustainability across all orbits, confirmed the successful launch of its commercial debris inspection demonstration satellite, ADRAS-J, from Rocket Lab’s Launch Complex in New Zealand.

US finalizes proposed direct-to-smartphone regulatory framework

U.S. regulators will vote March 14 on a regulatory framework for allowing satellites to use radio waves from terrestrial mobile operators to keep their smartphone users connected beyond the reach of cell towers.

The 10 Hottest Satellite Companies in 2024

Via Satellite’s 10 Hottest Companies list highlights the “must watch” companies in the satellite sector.