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WC/ 18.03.24

ICEYE partners with WWF to protect ‘blue corridors’ - whales’ migration routes in the Arctic

As of 2024, ICEYE is partnering with WWF Finland and the global Arctic Programme to protect whale migration routes in the Arctic region. Every year, tens of thousands of whales migrate long distances to and from the Arctic Ocean in search of the right conditions for feeding, mating, and giving birth. These underwater migration routes, also known as blue corridors, are vital for almost a third of the world's whale species.

Intuitive Machines improves cash position to best since IPO after historic moon mission

Intuitive Machines highlighted that its cash balance of nearly $55 million on March 1 was “the largest balance relative to any quarter-end since the Company’s IPO.”

SpaceX planning rapid turnaround for next Starship flight

SpaceX hopes to conduct the next launch of its Starship vehicle as soon as early May, a schedule that will depend on how quickly it can get an amended launch license.

The most innovative logistics companies of 2024

Why Tomorrow.io, Project 44, Relay Payments, and AutoStore are among Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in logistics for 2024.

DoD Opens Line of Communication to VCs

The Space Force is meeting with the top funders of commercial space tech, opening a line of communication between the national security and VC communities about threats in orbit and the up-and-coming tech needed to counter them.