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WC/ 17.07.23

India launches Chandrayaan-3 lunar landing mission

ndia successfully launched a robotic lunar lander July 14, setting up the nation for its second attempt to soft-land on the moon.

Why we need more women in the space sector

Equality for women will make a stronger space sector, says Gabriella Goddard of the Space Leadership Academy.

From AI to nuclear: the technologies driving UK space exploration

The development of 11 critical technology areas and capabilities will take the UK further into space than ever before, a new report from the UK Space Agency shows.

Three Lunar Landers Will Head to the Moon this Summer

In a sign that the lunar lull is coming to an end, three uncrewed lunar landers—from three different countries—will head to the Moon this August.

Op-ed | Britain has all the attributes to create a world-leading space economy

The space sector is experiencing significant growth globally, but Britain’s part in forging the future of the space ecosystem still remains relatively unknown.