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WC/ 15.04.24

ICEYE raises $93m growth funding round

Finnish satellite company Iceye has raised $93 million in a new oversubscribed funding round.

faa says no license no re-entry

The FAA issued a notice yesterday stating that reentry vehicles must secure their license for returning to Earth before the agency will approve a launch.

astroscale sees its debris

Astroscale has hunted down its targeted space debris and is now within paparazzi distance.

Can companies clean up by cleaning up space?

The satellite industry would seem to have nearly a billion reasons to embrace satellite servicing. Space insurers are bracing for as much as $1 billion in claims this year, the majority of which coming from two high-profile failures of new satellites, ViaSat-3 Americas and Inmarsat-6 F2.

LeoLabs zeros in on anomalies in satellite operations

LeoLabs, the Silicon Valley startup mapping activity in low-Earth orbit, is relying on artificial intelligence to spot anomalous satellite operations.