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WC/ 13.11.23

starship cleared for launch nov. 18

SpaceX received the final regulatory approvals on Nov. 15 that allow the company to proceed with the second integrated Starship/Super Heavy launch, scheduled for as soon as the morning of Nov. 18.

SpaceX launches world's 1st satellite that can pinpoint carbon emissions from space by ghgsat

The world's first satellite capable of detecting industrial sources of carbon emissions from space has just reached orbit  —  and it promises to be a game-changer.

Deep space exploration isn’t just for governments anymore

Rocket Lab Takes On Venus - Industry has been taking up the reins of space exploration from governments for decades. Industries like remote sensing, lunar exploration, and space station construction—all historically government-owned, science-focused initiatives—have shifted into the commercial market as companies have realised their potential to turn a profit.

Lockheed Martin to demonstrate space-based 5G network

The company developed a ‘regenerative’ 5G payload designed to perform all network functions aboard the satellite.

european spacetechs with fastest growing teams

The startups putting eyes and rockets in the sky — and creating jobs on the ground