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WC/ 13.03.23

QuadSAT secures 9M in funding to scale up operations

Danish company QuadSAT have secured €9 million in funding to scale up operations, expand product range, and bring its technology to more customers in the market.

The brothers building massive spacecraft to leverage SpaceX’s Starship

Karan Kunjur and Neel Kunjur are hoping to challenge the way spacecrafts are built, by going against the industry trend and designing massive satellites with the aim that towering rockets such as SpaceX’s Starship are the way forward.

UK quantum computing in line for 2.5bn funding boost

The government is expected to double down on its support of the quantum computing sector with a £2.5bn investment programme.

NASA study assesses costs and benefits of orbital debris removal

NASA study concluded that some methods of removing orbital debris could pay for themselves within a decade by reducing the costs and risks borne by satellite operators.

LEO constellations are starting to disrupt GEO capacity contracts

Satellite broadband customers are increasingly demanding shorter-term contracts to hold out for better prices in a market set to take off in Low Earth Orbit, according to the executives of regional satellite operators.