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WC/ 11.03.24

starship achieves major milestones on its third test flight

Starship made controlled splashdowns, and SpaceX did not attempt a planned engine burn in orbit—the launch marks a major step forward for the spacecraft that seeks to shake up the space industry and bring astronauts back to the Moon.

Japan creates multibillion-dollar space strategic fund to boost space industry

Japan has established a multibillion-dollar Space Strategic Fund to help develop the country’s innovation, autonomy and international competitiveness in space.

Voyager Space's self-built payload, Gambit, was successfully installed on the ISS

Voyager’s self-built payload, Gambit, was successfully installed on its Bishop Airlock on the International Space Station (ISS), marking a major milestone and setting the stage for future enhanced utilization of the ISS.

Sierra Space developing dual-use spacecraft with military potential

With a $1.3 billion defense backlog, the company is eyeing opportunities for in-orbit services and transportation vehicles

Phantom Raises a Bridge Round

Phantom Space has raised a bridge round of funding to scale up hiring ahead of its first rocket launch next year.