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WC/ 08.05.23

This European Satellite Giant Is Coming for Starlink

Since Eva Berneke took over the top job at Eutelsat in January 2022, the Danish CEO has become a direct competitor to Elon Musk, been accused by the Ukrainian government of aiding Russian propaganda, and found herself in the thick of bitter Brexit politics—and that’s before you even mention the Iranian sabotage attempt.

Vast announces plans for first commercial space station

Space station startup Vast has announced plans to launch what it bills as the first commercial space station as soon a 2025, a free-flying module that will be visited by Crew Dragon missions.

IBM partners with NASA to monitor natural disasters and climate change using AI

Tech major IBM has partnered with US space agency NASA to design a new geospatial foundation model to track climate change on Earth.

Geospatial Enabling Sustainability

GIS plays an integral role in the emirate for various purposes, from ecology to social sustainability and quality of life.

14 Best Space Startups to Watch in 2023

Space Impulse's 14 Most Innovative Space Startup Companies to watch in 2023