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WC/ 08.04.24

The world economic forum releases space insight report

Space: The $1.8 Trillion Opportunity for Global Economic Growth

spacex launched first mid-inclination rideshare mission

SpaceX launched the first in a new line of dedicated rideshare missions April 7, delivering 11 commercial and military satellites into mid-inclination orbits - including satellites from Hawkeye360.

Thales Alenia Space Signs $567M ExoMars 2028 Contract

Thales Alenia Space secured a €522M ($567M) ESA contract to lead a coalition of European industry players in restarting the ExoMars rover program and developing the Mars Entry, Descent, and Landing Module (EDLM) to transport the Rosalind Franklin rover to the surface of the Red Planet.

Varda Raises $90M Series B

On the heels of its first successful mission returning in-space manufactured drugs from orbit, Varda Space Industries has closed a $90M Series B, bringing the company’s total fundraising to date to $145M.

flood insights from iceye

Strengthen flood resilience with satellite-powered insights & impact monitoring.