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WC/ 06.11.23

DoD signs 270m agreement to acquire SES satellite communications services

The global satellite operator SES will provide services to the U.S. Defense Department under a five-year agreement worth up to $270 million.

ESA signs with MoU with Voyager and Airbus on Starlab

The agency signed an MoU with the team behind Starlab, assuring its support of the LEO commercial space station project in a post-ISS future.

Four bidders selected to develop ground systems for U.S. missile-warning satellites

Ball Aerospace, Parsons, General Dynamics, Omni Federal will develop prototype ground systems for U.S. Space Force missile-warning satellites

LeoLabs data shows on-orbit manoeuvres by Russian satellites

The space tracking firm LeoLabs over the past year tracked two Russian satellites performing rendezvous and proximity operations. These satellites — Resurs-P3 and Cosmos-2562 — conducted manoeuvers that offer a glimpse of the potential hazards that U.S. and allied spacecraft could face in low Earth orbit, the company said.

Euclid’s First Light

There’s something mysterious happening in the universe. It’s driving the formation of galaxies and it’s pushing outward in space, leading to an accelerated expansion.