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WC/ 04.03.24

SpaceX Launches 53 Satellites in First Rideshare Mission of 2024

SpaceX launched 53 payloads in the Falcon 9 Transporter-10 smallsat rideshare mission, SpaceX’s first rideshare mission of 2024.

ICEYE Unveils Ocean Vision Product Line

Finnish SAR company ICEYE announced a new family of products today that will use its existing satellite constellation to help customers locate, track, and characterize assets at sea.

Viasat and Rocket Lab Team Up on NASA Comms Demo

Viasat has tapped Rocket Lab to build the bus for a spacecraft vying to replace an aging NASA communications network.

america's best startup employers

Space company, Tomorrow.io is listed in Forbes' best startup employers of 2024. Take a look at the full list below.

Jupiter’s moon Europa creates enough oxygen every day to keep a million people breathing

As the icy moon orbits Jupiter, charged particles from the gas giant’s radiation belt bombard the surface and split water molecules, creating as much as 26 lbs of oxygen every second—some of which may find its way beneath the frozen crust and into the mysterious ocean below.