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Sifted SpaceTech Report 2023

Written by: leah_seraphim

The big business of space on Earth

Highly sophisticated space technologies are creating an explosion of
business opportunities on Earth. And experts say we’ve only scratched the
surface of what’s possible. Spacetech: The big business of space on Earth
is a Sifted Intelligence report that provides an extensive overview of the
European spacetech ecosystem. It calls out the most active and promising
disruptors and — following a surge of investment activity — weighs in on
where the smart money is likely to go next. We also introduce the many
European companies vying to develop products of Earth, and explain how
breakthroughs in orbit can further transform life on the ground

‘A big thrust of space investment: put more
sensors in the cosmos to measure what’s
happening on Earth. “The opportunities
here and now relate to SpaceTech looking
down on the planet”