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Spire is one of the world’s leading ‘New Space’ companies, operating a constellation of nanosatellites with unparalleled global coverage.



Spire collects, manipulates and analyses data to help make “our world a safer, cleaner more prosperous and more equitable place”. They provide a range of different solutions and services including in space services as well as maritime, weather, aviation, and earth intelligence. Spire’s space services facilitate companies to deploy and operate satellite constellations and software applications through them, which allows for a multitude of data to be collected. For example, they have worked with Ororatech to provide satellite based global wildfire monitoring through Spire’s nanosatellite. As a result, Spire has facilitated Ororatech to monitor wildfires across forest area under protection, which is often occur in developing countries and produce devastating effects on sustainable development and economic growth.

To complement this, Spire’s mission and vision outlines: “we believe our work leads to a world of sustainable GDP growth, and research shows that when you increase the GDP, economics thrive, energy abounds, and opportunity exists for all”. Spire aims to contribute to global economic growth through their solutions as a core facet of their organisation.

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