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On-orbit servicing for a sustainable space system, mitigating the growing and hazardous build-up of debris in space.



Astroscale is a space infrastructure firm that develops technology for space debris removal and on-orbit satellite servicing, which sits at the frontier of positively contributing to SDG 9. On-orbit satellite servicing allows for satellites to continue their function as critical infrastructure that supports industrialisation and economic development. By using Astroscale’s technology, this can advance business cases and inform international policies that support the long-term, sustainable use of space.

For example, Astroscale aims to Secure Our Orbital Highways through four routes:

  1. End-of-Life: While the rise of large commercial satellites without question improves quality of life on Earth, Astroscale has recognised that those reaching their end of life could end up as space debris.
  2. Active Debris Removal: Astroscale partners with leading international agencies to develop innovative solutions to capture this debris.
  3. Life Extension: Optimising existing space assets is becoming increasingly more important with today’s competition and need to reduce unnecessary impact. Astroscale’s innovative on-orbit satellite servicing bridges this gap allowing for companies to increase flexibility with their current space fleet.
  4. In SituSpace Situational Awareness (SSA: Astroscale analyses and evaluates key data to better understand how to improve their processes and safely remove defunct satellites.

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