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Seraphim Space Index – April 2017 to March 2018

Written by: Seraphim Capital

We’re pleased to announce we’ve just completed our analysis of the last quarters SpaceTech Venture Capital transactions. Every quarter we carefully monitor the investment in the SpaceTech sector globally over a rolling 12 month period, highlighting key deals from the Quarter. We’ve created an Infographic which shows the venture transactions completed in the year to 31st March 2018. We’ve broken out the categories of the SpaceTech ecosystem and highlighted total investment and the average size investment in Seed, Series A and Series B. We’ve also compared average round sizes for US companies versus non-US based companies. We hope you find this dataset interesting and our comments on the trends we’re seeing.Point of clarification: The recently published Seraphim Space Index shows venture capital investment in the #SpaceTech sector of $2.8bn for 12 months to March 2018. We have not included “self-financing” investments made by company founders into their businesses, with reference for example to Jeff Bezos’s reported $1.1bn Amazon share sale that was then invested into his wholly owned launch company, Blue Origin. The Seraphim Space Index is focused on ‘venture’ transactions in venture-backed businesses. We include UAV/drone-related activity in the index as we consider this under the wing of the space industry. We identify the volume and value of transactions in this area so folks can get to the true space tech figures. The Global Barometer for Space Tech Venture Market Transactions for the 12 month period