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Satellites will act as thermometers in the sky

Written by: leah_seraphim

Awesome to see portfolio company Satellite Vu featured on BBC News sharing its plans to fly a network of spacecraft to map heat signatures across the planet. Such observations have long been made, but not at the resolution (3-4m) and frequency (several times a day) that Satellite Vu can deliver. This will allow Satellite Vu to map the temperature profiles of individual buildings, offices and factories.

If you want to know where the most inefficient housing stock is in a city, where energy is being wasted, where you could best target insulation expenditure – the new thermal data-sets will tell you.

“With infrared, what you see in daytime, you can see at night. And whereas most other Earth observation data-sets are looking at the outside of buildings, we can even get an inference of what’s going on inside – whether there’s activity in that building, whether a house is occupied, whether there’s productive machinery in a factory,” said Anthony Baker, CEO and co-founder of Satellite Vu.

The information could make a significant contribution in helping the country meet its net-zero commitments by 2026.