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Announcing our investment in UltraSoC

Written by: Christiana Okolie

Seraphim is delighted to announce our recent investment in UltraSoc, a Cambridge based pioneering developer of analytics and monitoring technology at the heart of the systems-on-chip (SoCs) that power today’s electronic products. We participated in the recently announced £5m funding round alongside the eCAPITAL IV Technologies Fund and the eCAPITAL Cyber Security Fund and are pleased to join existing investors including Octopus Ventures, Indaco Venture Partners and Oxford Capital.

Seraphim focuses on the space ecosystem and data transmission or geolocation by satellite underpins much of the world’s economy. We believe UltraSoC’s technology is the only way to predictably integrate AI and cyber-secure capabilities into these assets in a cost-effective manner. As part of our investment we are introducing UltraSoC to aerospace and government customers at the national level, where there is an immediate need in this high-value market vertical. We believe UltraSoc has a fundamental technology that will trickle down to automotive, industrial, medical – indeed almost any area of technology.

UltraSoC’s technology is delivered as semiconductor IP and software to customers in the consumer electronics, computing and communications industries. The company’s embedded analytics technology allows product designers to add advanced cybersecurity, functional safety and performance tuning features and it helps resolve critical issues such as increasing system complexity and ever-decreasing time-to-market. We are looking forward to working with a team of very impressive entrepreneurs and engineers who have a wealth of experience in building and scaling companies in the semiconductor sector.

This investment round will enable UltraSoC to address emerging opportunities in the cybersecurity, high-reliability and safety-critical systems’ markets. It will accelerate current deployments of UltraSoC’s technology and help to realise the vision of embedded analytics capabilities that understand and assure the behaviour of every semiconductor chip that the modern world depends on.

Developers are struggling to cope with the need for trusted solutions for cybersecurity and functional safety. UltraSoC is uniquely able to provide such features at the fundamental hardware level.