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Seraphim Space Fund backs new forms of intelligence, adding Opteran to the portfolio

Written by: Christiana Okolie

A UK startup called Opteran is forging a paradigm shift in intelligence that is not based on today’s Deep Learning AI, which is simply sophisticated deterministic pattern matching.

A hardware approach to address the limitations of today’s Deep Learning AI to empower smaller, lighter, ultra-low power, more accurate solutions that offer efficiency on the edge of the network – importantly without the training data required by AI.

Opteran is a neuromorphic computing spin-out from the University of Sheffield (UK) leveraging £7m in grant funding and 8 years of research to emulate the brain structures of a honey bee onto silicon chips to provide computer vision, object sensing/avoidance, and ultimately autonomy for machines.

The company is a graduate of Seraphim Space Camp #5, building a strong syndicate of investors alongside Seraphim Space Fund including IQ Capital, Join Capital and Episode 1 Ventures.


““The benefits and step change Natural Intelligence can bring to the field of autonomy are profound. Within a Space environment autonomous systems are truly on the edge where size, weight and efficiency are critical. Opteran has the potential to be the world leader in this area and was an exceptional fit for our Seraphim Space Camp accelerator. Our experience of working with the team gave us the conviction that this was a company that could revolutionise this sector”

Rob Desborough,
Partner Seraphim Space Fund and CEO of Spacecamp