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Portfolio Company Satellite Vu strikes deal with Landmark to provide climate change data to the UK land & property market sectors

Written by: leah_seraphim

Portfolio company Satellite Vu have secured a deal to provide data from their thermal, infrared satellites to Landmark, a leading provider of data to the UK land and property sector. Buildings contribute some 40 per cent to the world’s total emissions, making real estate a key target in the country’s net zero ambitions. The team are set to have their first constellation of heat sensing satellites launched into orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket in early 2023. 

Anthony Baker, CEO of Satellite Vu, said,  “The urgency for action to reduce the world’s carbon emissions is increasing every day, as highlighted by the IPCC, and therefore businesses need to utilise all resources at their disposal. We are thrilled to have formally signed an agreement with Landmark to introduce data from our thermal monitoring satellites to the real estate sector. The insights from our satellites will enable investors, property developers and building owners to receive regular assessment of their buildings’ energy efficiency, allowing them to measure, validate and improve energy efficiency. Armed with this capability, businesses can take concrete and independently verifiable action to align their business with national and international energy targets.” 

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