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Array Labs raises $5 million for 3D-imagery constellation

Written by: leah_seraphim

Seraphim Space Investment Trust are thrilled to back Silicon Valley startup Array Labs alongside Agya Ventures (A real estate tech fund) as they raise $5 million in pre-seed funding. Array Labs are an alumni of our Accelerator mission 8, they also participated in Y Combinator.

Array Labs are building satellites to create a real-time 3D map of Earth. They are designing swarms of tiny satellites which will work together to create the first real-time, high-resolution 3D model of the earth. By using clusters of satellites to image the same place on the earth at the exact same time, improving image quality by more than 60x over conventional techniques. There’s a huge need for accurate 3D data, but it’s always been extremely expensive to collect. This technology will massively increase the amount of affordable, high-quality 3D data, enabling a host of new applications across an array of industries, including AR/XR/Autonomy, Defense, Climate/ESG, and Insurance Analytics. Currently, demand for 3D imagery is often satisfied with airborne lidar. Array Labs will offer better coverage at a lower cost.

With the infusion of capital, Array Labs is developing a constellation of radar satellites to fly in formation and gather global 3D imagery. We have previously invested in 11 Earth-observation and satellite-communications but not seen anyone contemplate 3D datasets in a cost effective manner like Array Labs.

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