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WC 27.02.23

Astroscale raises U.S. $76 Million, Continuing to Lead the Growing On-Orbit Servicing Sector

Astroscale raises U.S. $76 Million, raising $76 million in their latest funding round. This additional funding increases the total amount raised to more than $376 million and will boost global technology development and company growth to help continue their leadership in the On-Orbit Servicing Sector

UK companies to provide services for future Moon missions

The UK Space Agency has announced over £50 million for UK companies to develop communication and navigation services for missions to the Moon.

Ukraine Conflict Demonstrates Game Changing Capabilities of Space

Josephine Millward provides SmallSat Symposium Takeaways.

This Downturn Will Show Us Which LPs Actually Believe In Diversity

The current market downturn is presenting a crossroads for LPs and it's time for them to make a decision.

Spacex begins launching second generation starlink satellites

Elon Musk's SpaceX begins launching second-generation Starlink satellites with four times the network capacity Elon. A Falcon 9 rocket carried 21 of the satellites, known as “V2 Mini” satellites, into orbit.