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WC/ 22.05.23

Ax-2 Takes Off: Including first saudi woman in space

The second-ever commercial astronaut mission to the ISS has embarked on its journey. AlQarni and Barnawi will be the first Saudi astronauts to board the ISS, and Barnawi is the first Saudi woman in space.

G7 Deems Space Debris an ‘Urgent’ Problem

The growing amount of space debris in orbit is an “urgent issue” that must be addressed by international organizations, according to the G7 nations meeting in Japan this weekend.

ICEYE Introduces First-in-Market Satellite Radar Dwell Capability

New capability enables radar imaging satellites to focus on a single point on Earth as they pass overhead, packing an unparalleled amount of information into a single collection.

Virgin Galactic makes first suborbital spaceflight in nearly two years

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo suborbital vehicle flew to space for the first time in nearly two years May 25 on what the company projected to be the vehicle’s final test flight before commencing commercial operations.

The Spaceport Company demonstrates offshore launch operations

Two companies have demonstrated the ability to conduct launches from a floating platform in U.S. territorial waters, a concept that could help address congestion at terrestrial launch sites.