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WC/ 18.09.23

AST SpaceMobile Achieves Space-Based 5G Cellular Broadband Connectivity From Everyday Smartphones, Another Historic World First

AST SpaceMobile's groundbreaking space-based 5G cellular broadband capabilities and new data rate of 14 Mbps follows closely on the heels of successful 4G testing with AT&T, Vodafone and Nokia

Webb finds carbon source on surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa

Jupiter’s moon Europa is one of a handful of worlds in our Solar System that could potentially harbour conditions suitable for life. Previous research has shown that beneath its water-ice crust lies a salty ocean of liquid water with a rocky seafloor. However, planetary scientists had not confirmed whether or not that ocean contained the chemicals needed for life, particularly carbon.

satellites that can see through smoke to fight fires this summer

Emergency responders will get access to near real-time fire damage reports from ICEYE satellites this summer, as part of a partnership with national locational data company Geoscape Australia and the federal government.

Earth observation players seek new capabilities to tackle climate change

The growing need to tackle climate change presents a transformational growth opportunity for the Earth observation industry, executives from an international mix of companies in this market.

Enabling the Future of Space Communication with Laser Links

As big data, Earth intelligence, and the Internet of Things increasingly shape our society, the appetite for real-time satellite communication has never been greater.