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WC/ 12.06.23

SpaceX launches eighth dedicated smallsat rideshare mission

SpaceX said Transporter-8, the eighth in its line of dedicated smallsat rideshare missions, carried 72 payloads, a figure that includes orbital transfer vehicles with satellites that will be deployed later.

Tomorrow.io Raises $87M in Series E Round

Tomorrow.io announced an $87 million Series E funding round, along with the successful launch of its second satellite on this week’s SpaceX rideshare mission.

the satellite renaissance

A deep dive into the burgeoning space economy

ESA Livestreams from Mars

20 years after launch, ESA’s Mars Express orbiter is still notching new achievements. On Friday, the spacecraft broadcast the first ever livestream from Mars.

The story of India's first commercial earth imaging satellite

The world's highest resolution hyperspectral satellite