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Pixxel is building a health monitor for the planet by building and launching the world’s highest resolution hyperspectral imaging satellites.



Pixxel provides hyper-spectral images which can contribute to several SDGs Most notably Pixxel’s global monitoring technology improves the management of life on land. This can be across several areas:

  • Map and monitor forest cover; measure and reverse deforestation
  • Measure climate risks such as flooding, famine and wildfire
  • Track natural capital utilization and impact on future economic and ecological sustainability
  • Detect hazardous material and take timely measures to curb the danger
  • Monitor water resources and manage in a sustainable manner

In addition to this Pixxel can support agriculture by providing field level details to observe changes in crop health and through identification of nutrient deficiencies using advanced spectral signature.

Sustainability Development Goals

Other relevant SDGs