Having recognised the vast opportunity Space provides ahead of the market we have become a centrifugal force within the SpaceTech ecosystem. We’re not just a venture team, we’re SpaceTech leaders, experts and explorers. We’ve built SpaceTech startups to billions in value. Our advisory board comprises the key stakeholders globally who are leading Space Corporates and Space Agencies. We’re proven SpaceTech pioneers, proud to go boldly where no one has gone before.

Mark Boggett

CEO & Managing Partner

James Bruegger

Managing Partner

Rob Desborough

Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer Seraphim Space Camp

Candace Johnson

Partner & Chair of Advisory Board

Matt O'Connell

Investment Committee

Ann Winblad

Investment Committee

Anthony Clarke


Josephine Millward

Investment Advisor

Jeff Crusey

Investment Director

Andre Ronsoehr

Investment Director

Trisha Saxena

Investment Analyst

Lucas Bishop

Investment Analyst

Lewis Jones

Investment Manager

Christiana Okolie

Executive Assistant

Sam Bird

Accelerator Manager

Beth Vaccarezza

Seraphim Accelerator America

Simran Nainani

Programme Associate

Zainab Qasim

Startup and Venture Lead

Piers Birmingham

Programme Intern